Kamagi Riverside Retreat

Kamagi Riverside Retreat is a damn good place to cool off in the mountain fresh waters on a scorching hot day. Feeling humid in the searing heat? Come over, the waters here taste like some wintry ice creams straight out of the fridge.

We are a family-owned homestead that nestled right at the tip of a piedmont encompassed by a flourishing verdure of tropical alpine freshness with clear water rivers flow at both sides of our bucolic residence. A sylvan charm, literally.

How to get here?


We’re in the Babagon-Moyog district of Penampang in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Borneo about 30 to 40 minutes drive from Kota Kinabalu city center and a 20-minute drive from Donggongon Town, Penampang.

For an easy navigation, type “Kampung Kibunut” on Google Maps or Waze.

When you reach the village junction, eye on our signboard indicating “Kamagi Riverside Retreat & Recreation”. There are 3 same signboards along the 2km drive to our place from the junction which is another 5-minute drive.

Things to do


Relish in your own leisure time, splash and swim in the shimmering waters, hobnob with your fams and friends and savor the great and good of the roast and toast.

If you feel like sweating out, you can hike through the steep gradients of our fruit orchard right at our backyard or simply stroll around the village.

Get lost in the smell or in the wisdom of a book while unwinding yourself in the maidenly essence of a forest breeze and a pristine bliss. Soak in the cold and charming waters and bask in the warmth of the tropical sun. A great good bliss in a leisurely sojourn.

Things not to do? Please read our House Rules →

What to expect?

We are a humble property amidst a fresh greenery and sounds of flowing waters. Our place; the built, is rustic and wooden in a somewhat urban aesthetic sense. No air-conditioning. Homely. Zero luxury.

There is no mobile network coverage in the entire village so in case of emergency, you can use our home phone. WiFi for guest is not available at the moment. ​

It’s a village, so you may come across some colorful reptiles and probably the spine-tingling ones, and some gorgeous butterflies and other weird-looking insects too.

If you live nearby and feel like coming over for a look-around, feel free to drop by. See you!

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