11 house rules

1) We’re against litter bugs

We are totally disgusted by the acts of simply littering trash and cigarette butts. Please properly dispose of all forms of garbage in bins and trays provided.

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2) Check-out responsibly

Please help keep all the units; room, kitchen and compound clean and litter-free. Please at least tidy up a bit and put everything else back in place before checking out without leaving a hell of a mess. We thank you in advance for your praiseworthy ethics.

3) Help save energy

Please switch off lights and any other electrical appliances when not in use. In a broad day light, turning on lights may not be necessary.

4) Keep the river soap-free

No bathing with soap and shampoo and no washing of clothes and kitchen utensils etc. with detergent in the river.

5) Do not shower your dog in the river

No matter how clean and expensive your dog is, please do not take it for a bath in the river. Please practice tolerance.

6) Vandalism is a crime

Please leave no markings, carvings or graffiti on stones, floors, walls and woods. Those “name was here” marks on stones and boulders at the river are really an eye-sore.

7) No flower plucking

Please, no flower and plant plucking. If really needed, please first ask for the host’s permission.

8) Keep the river & house compound clean

Saying this is pretty much rehearsing the first one stated. Please, do not throw cigarette butts, food waste and any other forms of garbage into the river or at the house compound. We’re against litter bugs mentality, really.

9) Sound system to stop & volume down at 12 midnight

All sound system and loud singing must stop at 12 midnight even if you are the only guest or group at the time. People need to rest and sleep. Thank you for your respect, understanding and cooperation.

10) We do not welcome problematic guests

Problematic guests will be ordered to leave the property immediately. Period.

11) No fishing allowed

Fishing is not allowed either in the river or the pond. The river is protected under the native “Tagal” system, it’s a conservation effort between the village community and Sabah Fishery Department. If you’re caught fishing and damaging the people’s hard work in conserving the river and fish, the fine can be up to RM50,000 or a live buffalo.

Thank you for being highly ethical guests. We appreciate your effort and understanding. Welcome to our home.

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